Our story started when we heard yours


As we progress through life, we accumulate knowledge, stories, and wisdom just as our grandparents and great grandparents did before us. Imagine being able to listen, read, and see their experiences; to laugh with them as they tell a joke, to cry with them as they tell a heart-warming story. Now imagine being able to impart these life experiences onto your great-grandchildren.

This is the vision that founder and CEO of TSOLife, David Sawyer, had after missing out on really getting to know his grandmother. He realized that he never had the opportunity to record her life stories, and her legacy would only live on through the lives that she impacted. Almost 5 years later, TSOLife is revolutionizing the way life stories are captured and preserved for future generations.

Beyond the stories 

While still providing the coveted life story and legacy platform, we've gained a deep appreciation for making sure the residents in your communities are heard and receive the best quality of care possible. Our technology has evolved and adapted into the resident insight platform you see today - Minerva. 

Minerva is an AI powered platform that revolutionizes your data intake processes and creates beautiful, custom dashboards with all the information displayed to make key business decisions that enhance and individualize resident experiences. We truly believe in the power of good, reliable data.

Our team:

David Sawyer
CEO & Founder
Stella Parris
COO & Co-Founder
Dr. Tara Batista
Director of Research
Chelsie Rosatone
Director of Marketing
Daniel Sharits
Customer Success Manager
Jocelyn Jones
Account Editor

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