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What is a Resident Insight Platform?
TSOLife’s Resident Insight Platform provides the most in-depth information on who your residents are. We start by replacing and digitizing your existing paper-based resident profiles to create a powerful dashboard with a suite of information. We then deliver actionable resident insights for staff to put resident knowledge into practice. The best part is that our system has a unique way to collect this information that doesn’t require data entry.

Eliminate workflow and streamline
processes with automated resident profiles

Automated resident profiles eliminate workflow and
streamline processes. Staff in your community will
leverage TSOLife’s easy-to-use mobile app to record
a one-on-one conversation with a move-in. These
conversations are then data-mined to create digital
resident profiles, which means no data-entry needs
to be done by any of your staff! Residents love the
genuine conversation instead of the
“homework-style” paperwork, and staff love the
time they save and bonds they form with their

Get more out of your resident
profiles - make genuine connections
with shared interests

With the information gathered from the onboarding
interview, TSOLife’s proprietary algorithm analyzes
each resident’s profile to determine which residents
have the highest probability to have a meaningful
connection with one another. Using the same
algorithm, caregivers can also create a profile and
match with residents who share common interests
with them, forming a culture of connectivity through
shared life experiences. Through these genuine
connections, people assimilate better to the
community and caregiver and resident retention
is improved.

A mile-high view of your community: An interactive community dashboard

Your custom, interactive community dashboard
provides a macro view of all resident information
on one, easy to view dashboard. From here, you
will get a sense of who is really in your community
and then leverage this data to tailor activities and
services to truly personalize experiences and
accommodate all the needs for your community.


Leverage your community’s data
with real-time activity

Using Actionable Resident Insights, staff members
will receive real time notifications and leverage
data to create personalized touch-points that
caregivers can act on. These can take the form of
reminders on who to thank on Veteran’s Day, to
congratulating residents on a favorite sports team
win, and more. The Life Enrichment
Coordinator will know what event to showcase
for an activity based on the amount of residents
showing interest on the dashboard. Caregivers
can personalize the conversations with a resident
whether it’s their first day or their fourth year at a community.

Easy-to-use search tool for
connecting prospects to

The TSOLife searchable database can help
marketing and sales staff to create personalized
connections. Easily search your resident stories
for key words, which then offers sales reps with
the opportunity to connect existing residents to
potential residents. This makes your prospects
already feel at home and part of a community
where they already have a potential friend.
Imagine how powerful it would be to have
prospect who is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan sit
down with a resident who has been to a Super
Bowl the Steelers played in!


   Know who your ideal customer is
   by leveraging your community’s

    TSOLife pulls data from your existing resident
    profiles to give your marketing team a
    comprehensive overview on who they should be
    targeting for outreach. From demographics to
    interests and hobbies, TSOLife tells you exactly
    how to use your community’s consolidated
    information and turn it into effective campaigns
    and recruitment strategies.

Community insights for corporate
level decisions

All of your communities’ data aggregated in one,
easy place. This powerful tool knows exactly how
each community, each region, and the entire
company as a whole can use your resident data to
make better-informed decisions.

Preserve the legacies of Mom and Dad

Families and staff can also use the TSOLife tool to
record longer life stories of their loved
ones that will be used to create digital
legacy profiles. These can be enjoyed and
cherished for generations.
TSOLife gives you the tools to capture meaningful data to better your
communities while creating lasting content for families. Let us show you
how, together, we can make a difference.

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